September 2016 News
21 Sep 2016

Forceracing September News
Hi All,
It is already getting towards the end of September, and I am in the Airport in Rio for the last time travelling to Rio for a long time I am guessing. This has mixed emotion, as I have really loved this place as a sailing venue. To have spent over 115 days here has been an interesting experience indeed!
I have just finished coaching the NZ Sonar team for the games where they tied for points with 3rd but finished 4th overall. On the last run the Canadian team pasted 3 boats to win the bronze medal. The team has gone through the “if only” moments on where they could have gained 1 more point, but they can’t do this as it is already done! The team however can be very proud of their performance, gaining their PB in this regatta, and being right there in the mix until the very last play! However it is a good learning for everyone reading this that in every race every point you can gain matters!!!
Being a part of the NZ team at the 2016 Rio Paralympics has been an amazing experience with such a great team spirit within the team.
Before this in August I was Sydney with the Sonar team for a training camp with the team and our training partners the Australian team. The Aussies won a well-deserved gold medal at the games, well done to Colin, Rusty and John.
Once home it is daylight savings meaning the sailing season has started and my own yachting will get busier, as will my sons yachting, and the local coaching will heat up with Kohi Yacht Club once again, and my sons Green fleet team at Wakatere and also helping in the build up to the last Sail Melbourne for Yachting NZ. It also means Doyle’s is heating up with sailors getting ready for the season ahead. Looking forward to seeing the results coming in from the new Opti, OK and Sunburst sails.
I will write more when news comes to hand!
Go Well
Brownie (Andrew Brown)

"If the wind before the rain, soon you can make sail again" "If comes the rain before the wind, its time to get your topsails in"

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