March News
28 Mar 2015

28th March News Update
Hi All,
After some great time off in January with family camping, a kids birthday, the work year started with a Superyacht regatta called the Millennium Cup held in conjunction with Bay Week. This was a great week on board SV Bliss a very fast, beautiful yacht.
From here it was off to Wellington for the Sunburst nationals held in Muritai over Waitangi weekend. This was a very important regatta for Cam and I as we are the lightest team in the class and we wanted to prove that it wasn’t just our weight advantage that won the light wind nationals at Wakatere the year before.
We got down early to Wellington arriving the Tuesday evening and in true Windy Wellington fashion we had 50+ knots on the Wednesday meaning a trip to the museum, Thursday was nice from 6am until 830am then boom 30+ from the North. Friday was the start of the event and the Race Officier didn’t even bother to steam over on the committee boat as a 30 to 35 knot Southerly came through.
Saturday was the day to make sure we got an event in with 5 races held. 3 races were held in a dying Southerly of 16 knots down to nothing by the finish of the 3rd race, then the afternoon we had 18 to 24 knots of Northerly for 2 more races.
The Sunday we managed to squeeze in 1 more race in the morning which was our proudest race of all winning the race in 24 to 28 knots of breeze and to defend our national title.
Next year the regatta will be held at “home” on Lyttelton harbour in mid January (now where did I put my winter wolleys…)
After the drive home the Brazilian boys rocked up for 3 weeks of setting up a new boat, training and racing. This was a very successful period of time, but it went very fast, the boys finished off 2nd at Sail Auckland which was pleasing as the calibre of the fleet was high. Here is the video the boys made of the time in NZ:

From here it was time to get the Jollyboat organised and ready for the nationals, and to get some solid time in at Doyles NZ as the Optimist nationals are approaching and the 2015 Finn Sail development was also coming to a close.
The Optimist sails have won very ranking event this season and have only got the nationals to go. Robbie McCutcheon also won the Indian International regatta with the sail and Josh Berry and Robbie performed very well in the Aussie nationals with the sails.
The 2015 Finn sails are a massive step up and are already performing well in Sail Auckland and the training at Palma.
The Doyle Sunburst sails also won the Nationals and at the Jolly Nationals the winners used a Doyle jib and us in third were full Doyle set up.
The Jollyboat nationals were a great event and good to do more racing in a different class. We did well finishing in 3rd and have a 9% gain in boat weight to lose + another trick or 2 up our sleeves to make some more gains, thanks in advance to Nick Olson It looks like next year will be another 2 class season… Well done to Rob and Daniel Neeley for winning the event in near dominant fashion, it was great to see this team on and off the water.
I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Palma Mallorca Spain where I have been coaching the 49er boys for a week, with a day off today and the practise race Sunday and the racing itself starting on Monday. The training period has gone well and it is good to see that the boys have made gains over the Brazilian and NZ summer, but next week it is time to put that into practise. Straight after this event it is time for me to fly back to NZ and straight down to Wellington for the last day of the Optimist nationals at Worser Bay in Wellington, I just hope they aren’t flying their club burgee (Code Flag N)…
Here is the video from Palma in varying conditions…

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.

Vince Lombardi