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Winner Optimist NZ has been sold to OptimistCrazy
Winner Optimist has its own site here


Forceracing and DoyleSails New Zealand

DoyleSails NZ are the New Zeland agents for JSails in New Zealand.

DoyleSails NZ brings in the 4 best designs from J Sail in New Zealand, the Classic Black, Classic RedClassic Blue and Classic Green
The Classic Red is the most popular sail in the range. It is the 2nd fullest sail in the range but manageable if you are lightweight and fit. You will get a big advantage downwind with this sail. This sail won the 2011 Worlds.

DoyleSails NZ and the Doyle OneDesign also make sails for all dinghys and there is more information here. 

At the 2015 Optimist Nationals of the top 10 5 sailors used DoyleNZ and 5 used J Sails so for DoyleSails NZ and Forceracing it was a 100% success rate.

DoyleSails NZ also made the sails that Cameron and Andrew Brown the Sunburst Nationals and what won and were 3rd in the Jollyboat nationals.

If all the top sailors are using them, they must be good!

Check out the comprehensive tips and tricks and tuning guide by Andrew Brown of Forceracing.



"If the wind before the rain, soon you can make sail again" "If comes the rain before the wind, its time to get your topsails in"

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